Nigeria users launch anti-android campaign

Nigerian Blackberry users launch “anti-android campaign”

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As we all know, Blackberry messenger has officially been launched on android. Some Blackberry users
think this recent development is not fair on Blackberry users, hence their show of disapproval.
I want to ask the Blackberry users in the house, have you gotten this message that is being sent to all BB
users by Anti-Android activists? Cos although I didn’t, word on the nigerian blogosphere says its bin circulating for some time now…..
“Attention Blackberry Users: If u receive any BBM request and d pin starts wit 7, pls dnt accept. We
dnt care if you use an iPhone, Techno Phantom or Samsung S4, if you want 2 ping, buy a Blackberry; b4 u guys will turn bbm to 2go.”