First it was Lekki Wives: Now, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES To get an African Adaptation

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EbonyLife TV and Disney have concluded a deal
to give ABC’s hit series Desperate
Housewives to an African adaptation which will
be shot in Lagos Nigeria. According to
EbonyLive, the series will star a number of pan-
African actors and is expected to premiere some
time in 2014.
Check out the Official statement from EbonyLife
It’s getting more and more exciting on Africa’s
First Global Entertainment Network! Disney Is
Taking ‘Desperate Housewives’ To Lagos In
Deal with Nigeria-Based EbonyLife TV!
Ben Pyne, president of global distribution at
Disney, announced at the just concluded
MIPCOM 2013 (the international TV and
entertainment market held in Cannes once
every year; where content is introduced for co-
producing, buying, selling, financing and
distributing). He revealed that an “African
version” of Desperate Housewives – the once
comedy/drama series created by Marc Cherry,
and broadcast by ABC from 2004 until 2012 –
is currently in development, for a summer
2014 debut. The co-production deal is with
Nigeria-based EbonyLife TV – a multi-platform
broadcaster, and subsidiary of Media and
Entertainment City Africa (MEC Africa) in Cross
River State, Nigeria. Desperate Housewives – the “African version”
will feature a pan-African cast, and will be set
in Lagos, Nigeria, where it will also be shot,
with a summer 2014 debut date set, airing in
44 countries within the continent. The original
ABC TV series followed the dramatic lives of a
group of women, over a 13-year period, and 8
seasons, as seen through the eyes of a dead
neighbor who committed suicide in the very
first episode.
“We are going to make it relevant, number
one, by using local talent — talent that our
viewers will know and love; two, we are going
to work with local stylists, local fashion
designers, local interior designers, making it
wholly immersed in African culture, fashion
and music.” said Mo Abudu, CEO and
Executive Chairman, EbonyLife TV. “We are
going to give the stories an African flavor. We
will localize it, because there’s nothing that
the West has that Africa doesn’t have: we
love, we fight, we kiss, we make up. We like
all the good things in life. There’s good and
there’s evil globally. So all those human
interests, those things that appeal to you,
believe me, appeal to us also. The series
spoke universally to women and to men,
about relationships, marriage and bringing up
children. All those stories are there. And
Africans are the original storytellers. Your
grandparents would sit you down at night and
tell you tales. We love a good story.”
Well then, the obvious question here is, what
actresses from the continent will make up the
ensemble cast in the Nigeria-set version of
Desperate Housewives? Nollywood talents
should definitely get some looks here…
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