Sparks Still Flying: “I’d Love To Have Genevieve As My Wife” – D’banj

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In a recent interview, D’banj talked about his
career, Genevieve Nnaji & Don Jazzy.
The ‘Tongolo’ singer talked about Genevieve in
great length, suggesting that he still had a thing
for her, and even confirmed it later.
“Apart from the fact that she is my friend, she
has been a part of my success. There is no
way you are going to tell my story that
Genevieve’s name will not come up because
she featured in my biggest song of all time,
Fall in Love. So if E True Story comes to
Nigeria to interview me, she will definitely be
called upon to tell my story.”
“I would love to have Genevieve as my wife.
We never can tell what God plans for us in the
future. I have studied her and I realised that
anyone that has her as his woman has found
himself a treasure. Just like the Bible says,
any man who finds a wife, finds a good thing.”
The G.O.O.D music signee has plans to celebrate
10 years in the industry next year and is
thankful for a successful career.
“My career is barely 10 years old. But with the
success I have achieved so far, it feels like
three decades already. Within my first 10
years as a musician, I have recorded the
biggest song and shot the most viewed music
video of all time, ‘Oliver Twist’. I must say I
am humbled and getting ready to take over.”
He however didn’t forget to mention old friend
Don Jazzy, who he says is a key part of his
If I say I don’t miss Don Jazzy, I am lying. I
have spent the better part of my career with
him. I was married to him in a way (laughs).
So I miss everything about Mo’Hits: the family,
the movement, and the vibe of being in the
studio with him. I miss the jokes and the
arguments, but I have since keyed into the
notion that nothing can stop a moving train.
“Nevertheless we can always do music
together. The track, ‘Top of the World’ was
produced by a Grammy Award Winner. The
songs ‘Finally’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me Nonsense’
was produced by my producer while ‘Oliver
Twist’ was produced by Don Jazzy. So, why
won’t I have him on my 10 years anniversary


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