Blood Of GOLD: The Gold HTC One is a whopping 702,680 thousand Naira, limited edition plated in real gold + Photo

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If you fancy paying the cost of a used car or a
plot of land on a smartphone, the Gold HTC One may be
just your thing.
The device, which is made with REAL 18 carat
gold (the emphasis is HTC’s) is an ultra limited
edition created to celebrate the
18th anniversary of the MOBO awards,
dedicated to black music in the UK. Only five
units of the Gold HTC One have been
manufactured, and one of them will be
presented to the winner of the Best Newcomer
category at the MOBO awards ceremony on
October 19.
Provided you’d be able to secure a unit, the Gold
HTC will drain your bank account at a whopping
702,680 thousand naira ONLY. Don’t fret if you
can’t pay such a ridiculous amount though, just
paint your Tecno Phantom A+ with a gold


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