Faces of 1.2 Billion Facebook Users All In One Picture

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Facebook has over 1.2 billion users, and a new web
project from programmer Natalie Rojas has brought
them all together as a mosaic of user pics on The
Faces of Facebook.
Visually impressive, the site loads up as a supposed
view of Facebook’s 1.2 billion users. You can select
any area of the picture to zoom in for a closer look
at clusters of individual profile images, all
chronologically ordered, according to Rojas.
Hovering over a user’s picture will give you their
name and”FACE #,”representing the order all
profiles were created. Clicking a user’s picture will
even launch their full profile page on Facebook.
Of course, if a profile is marked as private, no
information that isn’t publicly available is shown
here or when following the link to the full
profile.”Relax. We’re not breaking any Facebook
privacy rule because we don’t store anyone’s
private information, pictures or names,”Rojas
“We’ve just found a harmless way to show
1,260,866,093 Facebook profile pictures and
organize them in chronological order”The Faces of Facebook experience is enhanced if
you sign in to your Facebook account while visiting.
The project will give you the FACE #s for you and
your friends, and also point out the areas where you
each lie on the overview.
So visit the page and see which of your friends has
the longest Facebook tenure. Just understand that
none of you have been around longer than Mark
Zuckerberg – he is, naturally, FACE #1.


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