PHOTO- World Richest Man, Bill Gates Happy To Meet Nigeria’s President, Goodluck Jonathan

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According to Bill Gates, he was happy he had a good meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria in New York with regards to Polio cases in Nigeria which are down 50% from last year. Below is the report from Bill gates’ website:
“It’s the kickoff to U.N. Week here in New York, and
while locals like to complain about the traffic (I can
see why), it is a great opportunity for me to meet
with leaders from parts of the world where our
foundation is working—to talk about global health
and development projects.
I started off on Monday morning meeting Nigeria’s
President Goodluck Jonathan. Besides our work with
our partners on polio in Nigeria, we are also working
with the government to improve their agricultural
I’ve written before about China’s potentialto help
developing countries in Africa learn from its
successes, but in Nigeria we have a really
interesting project just getting off the ground where
Brazil is working with Nigeria to bring up agricultural
productivity in their northern Guinea savannah.
Brazil has done an amazing job helping their own
farmers in the Cerrado region to improve their
yields, which brings tremendous economic and
social benefits.
President Jonathan assembled a meeting of experts
in New York and we spent a couple of hours
reviewing their progress and discussing next steps. I
also had a chance to catch up with President
Jonathan about the work we’re doing with our
partners on polio, which is showing encouraging
Nigeria had 43 confirmed cases of polio in the first 8
months of 2013, a drop of 50 percent from the same
period last year. Finishing the job is quite an
undertaking, so having the President’s support is a
big deal. I was pleased we got to spend as much
time together as we did.”


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