Over 3000 Models Present As Casting Holds For Music Meets Runway 2013

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The 2013 model casting for the premier music
and fashion show, Music Meets Runway (MMR),
which held last Saturday 21st September, 2013,
was a tremendous success with a huge turnout
of over 3000 young aspiring female and male
models as against last year’s 1000 models.
The event was held in the Expo Hall at the Eko
Hotel and Suites in Victoria Island, Lagos. This is
the latest in a series of campaigns lined up for
the third edition of the Music Meets Runway,
which has been tagged, ‘The Icons Edition’.
What a way to start!
The Judges were said to have a hard time making up
their minds in selecting the finalists, as the
quality and quantity of the respondents to the
casting call announced earlier that week was so
Speaking at the event, Jennifer Olize, the CEO of
Le Reve Events, the Creative Director behind the
show appreciated the models and informed
them to check their emails for notification of the
successful qualification for the show, Jennifer
continued. ‘We will get back to you to inform
you if you are selected and as for those who
where not successful this year, thank you for
attending and please do try again next.’
Miss Nkem Okorafor, the current “Face” of MMR
2012, who was in attendance said ” whoever
emerges the winner will have the course of her
life changed forever “. This year’s winner will go
on to become the new “Face” of MMR for a year
and will also participate in a major International
fashion week in 2014.
Speaking on passing her crown, Miss Okorafor
continued “being the Face of MMR has really
opened lots of doors for me, it took me four
years to be where I am today. The upcoming
models now look to me as a role model, which
feels good. I was recently cast as the lead
model “The Golden Girl” in this years campaign
shoot and video, later this year I will be
travelling out to participate in the Mercedes
Benz Fashion Week. I have mixed feelings on
passing the crown as the year has gone so fast,
but I’m happy that I’ve laid a good legacy for my
successor, I will be delighted to see who will
emerge the winner as the Face of MMR 2013 and
carry on where I left off in promoting the MMR


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