Lagosians spend N36 billion annually on ‘Owambe’ parties – Fashola

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Guess Banky W was dead right when he sang “ain’t no party like a Lagos party” cos, the vibrant party scene in Lagos has been analyzed
and according to Governor Babatunde Fashola of
Lagos State, it has staggering financial implications.
The governor over the weekend said that more than
N36 billion was spent annually by residents of Lagos
in organizing different social events and parties
popularly known as “owambe”.
This came as the governor reportedly said the
solution to the unemployment crisis in the country
did not require any foreign idea, saying “the answer
is a Made in Nigeria strategy.”
The governor spoke at the fourth edition of the
Lagos Ignite Enterprise and Employability project, a
joint youth empowerment programme between the
government and the Afterschool Graduate
Development Centre, AGDC.
The event attracted hundreds of youths, ex-Chief
Executive Officer of the Nigerian Communications
Commission NCC, Dr. Ernest Ndukwe, Ali Baba
among other dignitaries.
Fashola explained that the figure was collated after
a careful study of social events especially party life
in Lagos.
According to him, “this was the study of night life
carried out by the government in five local
governments including Agege, Mushin, Ifako-Ijaiye
and Ikeja and another local government. It showed
that more than N36 billion was spent on 1555
parties held within the period.
“We did a study between October and November
last year, we took just five local governments in
Lagos; Agege, Mushin, Ifako-Ijaiye, Ikeja and
another one.
“We studied from Thursday, Friday and Saturday
nights, three days every week for four weeks which
was 12 nights.
“In 12 nights, 1555 parties were held in these local
governments. In terms of drinks, food and all other
engagements during such parties, about N1.2 billion
was spent and when we dis-aggregated them we
saw how much went to DJ, MC, food and drinks, the
total picture in the state now and I don’t want to
give you a wrong number but it’s something in the
region of about N3 billion monthly on that side of
our life and people are playing and impacting on
that side of our economy.
The governor noted that clothing materials worn
during such parties popularly called “Aso-ebi”
gulped at least N1.2 billion monthly, saying the
market is huge with much yet to be tapped from it.”


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