My Scribble on Fatherhood in Nigeria; Terry G Bathing His Son (Photo)

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The turn of the century, which heralded the collapse of traditional nigerian familial roles and the thining/bluring of the “parental functions” divide, is greatly responsible for the growing rate at which fathers contribute these days in contemporary nigerian homes; hence the increased incidence of photos of male nigerian celebs performing tasks hitherto reserved for the “wife/mother” such as bathing the kids. Gone are the days when mother was saddled strictly with “nuturing, growing, caring, smoldering, teaching, cooking and architehting emotional stability” while Father was solely the “protector, provider/only income earner, disciplinarian and leader”. Now, a growing number of nigerian men and women alike do “what feels right” given certain 21st century family circumstances thereby ignoring mildly or in some cases completely, age old traditional rules like “men don’t cook, cry or bath the kids” or “women who are subservient to men shouldn’t be income earners”…… In your very own words, Define Fatherhood?


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