PHOTO-Waje Gets An Elephant For Her Birthday

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Waje just announced that she has adopted an elephant named “Barsilinga” which was a birthday gift from her friends in Nairobi (Green City under the Sun).
…. best surprise ever….ijs.
Congrats to the new ‘mummy’ and happy birthday Waje.
Facts- 1) The decline of Kenya’s elephant population due to runaway
poaching for ivory was halted in
1989 after the country’s herds had
been reduced to only 12% of their
former numbers. Since then,
protection, legislation and
conservation of habitat have all
been effective, such that Kenya’s
elephants today number
approximately 30,000, up from
19,000 in 1989. 2) A 1979 survey of
African elephants estimated a population of about 1.3 million which has dropped to about 500,000 today. Visit to learn more, donate or adopt in a bid to preserve the endangered Elephantus africanus


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