JJ Okocha Not Part Of Majek Fashek’s Movie – Charles Novia

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Popular Nollywood filmmaker, Charles Novia has disclaimed legendary football player, Austin JJ Okocha’s involvement in the Majek Fashek’s life
See his press statement below:
“My attention has been drawn to a story which is gaining lying grounds on major blogs and sites about Football Legend, Austin Jay Jay Okocha,
involved in the production of The Majek Fashek movie written by me and starring Francis Duru.
That story is false and is an attempt by a lazy and reprobate online writer to gain traffic to his site. It is public knowledge that since 2010, I have been in production of the Majek Fashek movie and half of the production which has to do with the childhood years of Majek has been completed.
The adult years is the next part to be shot which will involve his musical sojourn to New York and what
comes thereafter. Production has been suspended because of a few technical and logistics hitches which have been rectified and hopefully we will
continue shoot in a few months.
At no time have I met Austin Okocha, whom I respect a lot and I certainly do not intend to meet him over this or to solicit his involvement as at present I am the major Executive Producer of the
A lazy online blogger sat down, took snippets of past interviews I have given onthe movie and added
some sound bites from Francis Duru and coined his story. He also must have taken a past story of Austin Okocha’s bio-pic being planned by someone else and by a stroke of reprobateingenuity, used a photo-
ops picture of Majek and Okocha to give credence to his story without even finding out from any of the parties he mentioned. This writer, whom I have
traced as a contributing correspondent with 360Nobs.com, has succeeded in spreading a half- truth and asis wont in today’s viral culture, the story has gone all over the place, causing
untoldembarassment to me, Majek and even my co-investors in Hollywood who drew my attention to the story. I am pretty sure Jay Jay Okocha is as
surprised at this story as Iam. I urge the General Public to disregard this story.”


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