Nigerian Students Give FG and ASUU a 7-day Ultimatum

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Yesterday was the 60-day mark of the ongoing ASUU strike and Nigerian students are tired of sitting at home!!!
The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), on thursday issued a one-week ultimatum to the Federal Government (FG) and the union’s leadership to resolve their differences or face corrosive consequences.
The students have vowed that they would take their destinies in their own hands if the parties failed to reconcile within a week and that they will go on a nation-wide riot in what it described as ‘operation occupy Nigeria’.
The students’ body appealed to ASUU to return to the classroom and continue negotiation with the Federal Government since the latter claimed to have released over N100 billion for infrastructural development and another N30 billion for allowances.
“We are giving them one week to open the schools or be ready to face corrosive consequences in form
of nation-wide demonstration and riots. We are ready to mobilise for that and it will be operation occupy Nigeria.”
Lamenting the effect of the strike, Obasi said students have become prone to accidents on the highways and the female students have been
reduced to s*x hawkers on the streets.
His words: “I stand to tell you that a lot of accidents have been recorded and 99.9% of the victims are Nigerian students. If they were in classrooms, they would not have fallen victims of road crashes. Our female students have become commercial s*x
hawkers on the streets in order to make ends meet. This colossal effect is more than what ASUU is agitating for. Hence, we can no longer fold our arms
and watch things go wrong.” The “resume work or we’ll cut off your salaries” threat made by the FG to ASUU resulted in the termination of ongoing negotiations; so I just wonder why Nigerian Students think threats would yield better result? I on the other hand understand their plight having stayed home for 3 months during the 2009 ASUU strike and another 3 months in 2011 when the bridge leading into my school collapsed….ijs.


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