I Did Not Expend 1.5 Billion Naira from State’s Treasury for my Son’s Wedding – Nasarawa Governor

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Umar Tanko Al-Makura, the governor of Nasarawa State, has denied speculations doing the rounds that he used over 1.5 billion naira from the state treasury for his son’s wedding
ceremony which took place in the United States about a week ago; Governor Al-Makura called them malicious and silly.
Sani Musa Mairiga, the senior special assistant of Governor Al-Makura, announced in a press statement where Governor Umar Tanko Al-Makura described the allegations as baseless,
unwarranted and unfounded. “This is the handiwork of mischief makers and enemies of progress for inflaming the social media with incongruous reports
that the state government sponsored the wedding ceremony and shouldered all expenses of those who attended the wedding Fatihat of Abdul Tanko Al-
Makura and his bride Aneesa”.
The press statement further put rational scrutiny on how such a stupendous amount of money would be spent on wedding sponsorship when the state receives about the same amount in monthly allocation from the federation account.
“How on Earth would a wedding ceremony consume such amount of money which amounts to 70 per
cent of the monthly allocation that is accrued to the state from the federation account? Al-Makura was not
a pauper before becoming governor, so spending such amount of money from his personal account is nothing, but as a prudent and accountable leader he cannot afford that extravagance” the
statement said.
He therefore urged members of the public to “disregard the misrepresentations of facts made to
hoodwink them in order to achieve the cheap political goals of his enemies” and appealed to the people of
Nasarawa State to give their maximum support to the government of Umar Tanko Al-Makura in its quest to transform the state.


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