I didn’t have sex with Beverly, it just looked like we did – Angelo

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Though it is widely believed that the South African
housemate, Angelo, had sex with the Nigerian
housemate, Beverly, in the ongoing Big Brother
Africa reality show (mock named “big porn-er africa this season), the dreadlocked guy has denied
it; saying they were ‘just kissing’.
Speaking to a source on the phone earlier in the
week, after being evicted from the show, Angelo
said, “We didn’t have sex. We talked about it. There
were some things I said I wasn’t going to do in the
house. I respect my mum so much. Before I got into
the house, there were things I told my mummy I
wasn’t going to do. I wasn’t butt naked. It looked as
if we were having sex in that bathtub. We were just
kissing. I couldn’t take advantage of Beverly
because I respect her so much.”
Respect is not the only thing Angelo has for the
Nigerian lady. Angelo also confirmed that he is in
love with her and intends to pursue the relationship.
“We will try and work things out and see how we
can make our relationship work. At the same time, I
hope the people of Nigeria don’t hate Bev. I would
love to come to Nigeria and experience Nigerian
culture and take lots of pepper,” he said.
Now that he is out of the house, so many people
feel the South African will go back to the girlfriend
he left behind before BBA. But he said he wasn’t in
any relationship before he got into the show.
“I didn’t have a girlfriend before I got into the house,
but I had someone I told to wait for me so that we
would see what would happen when I got out of the
house. I will be focused on what I want to do as a
person and then focus on my relationship with Bev
and see where we will take it to,” he said.
No matter his feelings for Beverly though, Angelo
said he hopes Melvin, the other Nigerian housemate,
comes out tops in the show. Pesrsonally, I find that hard to believe shaj don’t you?


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