Guess which 20 year old engaged singers can’t wait to get married?

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News tearing up and setting the blogosphere ablaze is confirmation of the 18th August engagement of two 20 year old singers; One Direction’s Zayn Malik and Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards in the form of tweets (“Never been more happy in my life! Thank you to everyone that has been so lovely about my engagement to my beautiful
fiancé ! Big love z X” wrote Zayn while Perrie posted “I’ve also never felt so happy! 🙂 Thank you everyone for being so kind and supportive! Im a lucky girl! xD I Love you all! Perrie.” on the official Little Mix Twitter page yesterday), a pic of the 3 stone diamond engagement ring and matching monochrome outfits at the premiere of 1D’s “this is us” movie. Although a firm believer of “different strokes for different folks”, I still can’t figure out for the life of me why people who were by this time last year “teenagers” would up and get married…..ijs. Well, what do I know? My divorce prediction of 22 year old Kevin Jonas’ marriage to hair dresser Danielle in 2009 which still looks solid if “Married to Jonas” is any indication still hasn’t come true…… So, for fear of being wrong (again), I’ll refrain from making any break-up/divorce predictions public. OAN, I can however still hear the shattering sound of millions of fan girl hearts breaking…. BTW, other celebrities that tied the knot @ young ages include; 5) 22 year old Britney Spears’ marriage to Kevin Federline (divorced 3 years later) 4) Jessica Simpson’s marriage to Nick Lachey @ the age of 21 (divorced 3 years later) 3) 20 year old Angelina Jolie’s marriage to Jonny Lee Miller (ended after 3 years) 2) 17 year olds Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone star) and Rachel Miner tied the knot in 1998 and divorced in 2002 1) 19 year old Miley Cyrus’ engagement to Liam Hemsworth…….let’s wait and see.


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