On Genevieve and the “big” Elle.com Mention

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Having gotten email updates on Genevieve’s “next big crossover
International superstar” mention on elle.com (online website of Elle Magazine US) that has nigerian bloggers going on overdrive yesterday, I just sat to comb the web to see how well the news is being eaten up when I stumbled on a highly peculiar post that conveyed my thoughts titled; “Is Elle Magazine Naming Genevieve Nnaji ‘The Next Big Crossover’
Supposed to Be a Compliment??”
Earlier today doing my morning routine i.e. reading my newsfeed, I saw a latest news that Nigeria’s Genevieve Nnaji had been named ‘The Next Big Crossover’ international act by Elle Magazine. “Next big crossover?” What is that? I subsequently got to read the news story and all I can think to say is “crossover to where?” The Elle team seemed like they just cut and pasted headlines about Nnaji.
“America might have created the
blueprint for the modern world of
entertainment, but our stars are far
from the only ones in the galaxy.
Around the world, countries clamor
for luminaries from their own
hometowns. While some are content
to remain big fish in slightly smaller
ponds, every so often one takes off
and goes from star to supernova—a
true international superstar.” -Elle
The article goes on to name Nnaji as one of the 7 “true international stars.”
Elle editorial team, you guys, seriously? I am confused. I thought Nnaji was already a “true international star.” Didn’t Oprah identify her as an international star with her feature four years ago on the Oprah show?
Folks, if I had any doubt this article was
weird, at best, Elle had to lump Bollywood’s Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in
the mix. Former Ms. World, hello? Face of L’Oreal, Coca Cola and the list goes on, I think she already made the cut as a “true international star” like decades now, and has carried that till present. I mean the world knew when she got married and her having Abhishek’s baby was like the drama we saw with Beyonce and Jay-z and Prince William.
Unlike Nnaji’s, the part on Aishwarya at least says Rai has never attempted the US market. Weird because she has and when she gets on our red carpets, at least from prior film award events, it seems our tabloids, magazines et al go buzzing. Weird people at Elle.
Such rubbishing of Nnaji’s reputation, all in the name of a so called compliment and poorly written editorial.
Elle’s editorial barely even received any notice online BUT Nigerian bloggers have gone crazy with the Nnaji profile, thankfully on their platforms not Elle’s.
Elle does not deserve such pageviews, at all.
Ms. Uduak Oduok is an
Attorney and Partner at
Ebitu Law Group, P.C,
ebitulawgrp.com. She’s also a Publisher, Journalist,
Writer & Speaker; her
practice areas include
Business Litigation and
Fashion & Entertainment Law. And she Admins http://www.africamusiclaw.com. Don’t forget to drop comments.


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