NDLEA Arrests Bricklayer With 83 Wraps Of Cocaine In His Stomach

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The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency
(NDLEA) announced yesterday that they had seized
83 wraps of cocaine weighing 2.07 kg and
have arrested the culprit, a bricklayer from
PM News reports that a statement by the
Spokesman of the NDLEA, Mr Mitchell Ofoyeju,
said the suspect was arrested at the Murtala
Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, with
83 wraps of substance that had tested positive
to cocaine.
“He was detected with the help of scanning
machines during the screening of passengers
on an Asky Airline flight from Brazil.” Ofoyeju said the suspect was recruited by a
drug cartel in Brazil and when arrested
excreted one of the highest quantity of cocaine
ingested at a time so far this year.
“Preliminary investigations revealed that drug
barons now have agents who move from
village to village in search of drug mules.
“They have several antics, which include
promise of better job opportunities abroad.
The case is under investigation.”
Ofoyeju quoted the suspect, a bricklayer at
Alor Village in Anambra, as saying he was
lured to sell family land in order to travel
abroad in search of job opportunities.
“I got to Brazil on July 10 and all attempts to
get a job was unsuccessful. That was when
they sold the idea of drug trafficking to me.
“Initially I objected but when there was no
other option, I succumbed. They made me
swallow 83 wraps of cocaine which was
detected by NDLEA officers,” he said.


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