Nonso Diobi Stroked Over Blonde Hair

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Being a celebrity comes with a price which is, your business is everybody’s
business; even if it’s your haircut.
I guess Nonso Diobi did not have that in mind when he dyed his hair blonde. Some female folk like Tonto Dike, Nadia Buhari and Rukky Sanda had done that and got away with it, probably because they are women, but fans did not find a
blonde Nonso Diobi funny even though Tony Tetuila is blonde till date.
Fans on various blogs spared no word as they aired their opinion on his new look. A fan said, “He looks lyk an igbotic fag.. Horrible hair nd where on earth did he get a dress frm? Tufiaaaa!”. Another felt he looked rascally saying, “American Agbero”
While some believed he was seeing too much of Chris Brown, others believed that he was a Sisquo wannabe.
“He looks like puke.this look is soooo old school, am sure he recently watched sisqo’s song and decided to have d same look” “Annoying sisqo wannabe; Hot mess..Chris Brown wanna be!” ” Even u Nonso, I think u ve seen 2 much of Chris Brown’s video,” they said. Would like to hear your tots on d subject….


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