now makes it possible to watch Nigerian Soap Operas and TV series online

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Before now, getting full episodes of soap operas long after they have been shown on TV seems quite an arduous task. With the launching of, watching Nigeria Soap opera TV series online has now being made easy.
For the first time in an organised manner in Africa is making it possible for Soap Operas and TV series to be accessed online. The
website which has been launched in Nigeria with the hope of spreading to other African countries features full episodes of soap operas that made
waves on traditional TV and cable available for watching and downloads.
Nextspeel promises to deliver a promising experience in online TV.
According to the founder of NextSpeel Larry Oti, other productions would be available on demand with more recent episodes added occassionally.
He said to DIB “We currently host a number of series on our platform, they include House Apart, Extended Family, My Mum and I and Soul Sistas.
Larry explained to us how Nextspeel works on mobile devices. He said “visiting on mobile phones would take you to the mobile
version of the website that would provide a better experience for your screen size. Just in case that
doesn’t happen, there is a link to switch to the mobile version at the bottom of the page” he said.
He further explained that it is hard to watch videos on NextSpeel with mobile phones, however mobile phones will enable one to browse and do almost
everything else a PC user can.
For those with Tablet PC’s, Larry said “Tablets are set to show a version
almost similar to what you get on a
PC. If you are served a mobile version, you can always switch by using the
link on the menu area” website can be browsed without
logging in but you would require an account to actually watch a video. Registrations on Nextspeel are easy, just your username and email are
required. This is how to watch a video on this amazing platform:
1) When you play a video, the system detects your internet speed and plays a video rendition that suits your connection so videos don’t have to buffer and your experience is not disrupted.
2) You can perform all regular functions on the video; Play, pause and select a specific time.
3) Best orientation use case for tablets is Landscape mode.
There is no doubt that Nextspeel is taking over internet television in Africa. Watch out for the full interview with Larry Oti, founder of
on this site.


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