Nokia Lumia 625 Launches in September for 49 thousand Naira (only)

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Nokia has cranked out another cheap Lumia phone, but this one has a few superpowers snuck up its sleeves — it’s massive, and has 4G capabilities although i doubt there is any 4G
network in Nigeria to make use ofthis beauty.
While it looks a lot like Nokia’s previous Lumia efforts, this is actually the biggest Windows Phone ever made by Nokia. It has a 4.7-inch display, guaranteed to stretch your palms to
exciting new proportions.
The display resolution isn’t quite as enticing as the size however — that panel packs 480×800 pixels, which isn’t a particularly high resolution.
That could mean that photos, video and web pages don’t look as pin-sharp as they will on competing mobiles; that drop in resolution will be keeping the price down, however. Also expect to see Nokia’s usual line-up of own-brand maps software and other Windows-flavoured treats.
The camera in ‘normal’ mode will be a 5MP snapper with a front-facing VGA option plus the other lenses seen on Nokia phones, such as Cinemagraph and Panorama modes.
There’s only 8GB of internal user memory, but continuing in the confusing style of Windows Phone handsets there’s a microSD slot available for up to 64GB of storage Battery life is taken care of with the 2000mAh power pack on the
Are you impressed with the Lumia 625 specs and design? Will you be getting one when it’s launched in Nigeria? Feel free to share your views in the comment section….


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