Laugh Wan Kill Me Die: Wahala Plenty 4 Nigeria

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This made me laugh so hard that I just had to share….. Enjoy. SUICIDE MISSION is when Patience Jonathan accepts to debate with Prof Wole Soyinka.
CORRUPTION is when 5 law makers out of 32 attempt to impeach the elected speaker of the house.
CHEAP MENTALITY is when the president fights a state governor and cause chaos in the state cos he considers the governor’s ambition a threat to his re-election.
NEGLIGENCE OF DUTY is when the minister of education for state will not remain in Abuja to carryout his ministerial duties; he keeps coming to Rivers state to blackmail the governor to cause chaos in the state cos the ‘oga @ the top’ is using him.
GOING ASTRAY is when a police commissioner abandons his duties and assumes political functions.
ELECTORAL FRAUD is when 16 votes won an election over 19 votes.
IMPOSSIBLE is when ACN calls on the national assembly to impeach the president cos he no longer delivers the dividend of democracy.
BRAVERY is when a governor refused to bow to the president just as his colleagues cos he wants to protect his ambition and the interest of the people he governs.
CIVILIZATION is when U.S president Barack Obama keeps on ignoring Nigeria on his African tour cos of insecurity, corruption and lawlessness among others.
MARGINALIZATION is when the resources from the Niger Delta is used to develop Abuja and the Northern states but the Niger Delta itself is still in its 1912 era; no development at all.
INJUSTICE is when people in the Niger Delta take small of our oil to sell just to survive and they are given death sentence.
LACK OF CIVILIZATION is when the president and senate president canvas for capital punishment for oil theft and condemned criminals in this modern world but agree to the marriage of minors.
WASTE OF TIME is when ASUU continues its nationwide indefinate strike thinking that the govt will be affected; na big lie, all their children de school abroad; so na we the poor de suffer instead.
SELFISHNESS is when the govt refuse to react to these comments and keep mute.


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