Rapper Fat Joe Sentenced To Prison!!!

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42-year-old hip hop artist Fat Joe (real name Joseph Cartagena) has just been ordered as of yesterday to spend 4 months behind bars in federal prison for failing to pay more than $1 MILLION in income taxes. As TMZ previously reported, Joe pled guilty (therefore reducing his supposed 2 year sentence) back in December to stiffing “Uncle Sam” on a boatload of income taxes for over $3.3 million earned in the years 2007 and 2008 from three companies, including Somerville, N.J.-based Terror Squad Production Inc
and Miramar Music Touring, which he owned…… U.S. Magistrate Judge Cathy Waldor gave the Bronx-born rapper credit for paying $718,000 in back
taxes prior to his sentencing and for his charitable work.
The fact that the court received more than 60 letters on his behalf, including one from Bronx Borough President
Ruben Diaz, who cited Cartagena’s efforts to donate computers to local schools aided in minimizing the magnitude of his sentancing.
Cartagena apologized to his family and friends, saying he let them down. He said his 6-year-old daughter was being taunted in school by classmates who said her father was going to jail.
“There was a lot going on in the years that I didn’t file my taxes, but it was my responsibility,” he said. His attorneys had asked for probation in light of the three-month prison sentence handed down to hip hop artist Lauryn Hill in May on similar tax charges but alas, he still got the can and is scheduled to report to prison by August 26.


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