Naija Actress Chika Ike: I’m Not Sure I Will Marry Again….

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Chika Ike as a Nollywood Actress has garnered fame and fortune especially after her drastic decision to get a haircut for a movie role. In a recent episode of “Rubbin’ Minds” with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu (former BBA housemate), the Naija Diva talks about her love life, career, fears and what to expect from her soon.
My attention however was caught when she stated “I would not want to talk about my experience with early marriage and spousal abuse cos when you get married, things happen along the line and you ask yourself if it is something you can take. Everybody has their share of experience in
marriage. I don’t like talking about it because I’m trying to get over it. The next man I will marry? I am not sure I am going to get married but if I eventually do, I will just let go and allow God to guide me. But if it does not work out, happiness is all that matters. I cannot sacrifice my happiness for anybody”. Did You Know Chika Ike;
1) starred in her first movie role as an extra in 2005.
2) cries sometimes when she reads false, offensive and antagonizing rumors, stories and critique about herself online.
3) plans to grow back her hair as soon as possible.
4) admits that she prefers the ‘Asaba’ straight-to-DVD movies because they are more commercially successful than those that go straight to cinema.


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