2face Idibia and Don Jazzy Donated a total of 2.5 million naira for OJB’s Kidney Transplant!!!

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Naija’s very own 2Face Idibia and Don Jazzy in a show of brotherhood donated a totalled 2.5 million naira (1.5 mil from 2face and 1 mil from Don Jazzy) for the Kidney Transplant required to save the life of fellow singer
OJB Jazreel who having found a donor needed 16 million naira ($100,000) for the transplant surgery. Although it is speculated that a group of Nigerian
musicians are currently organizing a Fund Raiser/ charity concert for OJB, individuals interested in helping OJB can pay their widow’s mite (or the opposite) anonymously (or not) into
his UBA account detailed below….
1015075120 #HelpSaveOJBJezreel
Here is a day old fan’s comment on the matter prior to 2face and Don Jazzy’s donation. And I quote “If Wizkid can damage a #50Million Porche Panamera
car in less than 2 months, If D’Banj can wear a #3Million suit just for a show, If Davido can refer to a #10Million endorsement deal as chicken
change, If P-Square can buy just a property for #400 Million, If Don Jazzy can pop a $1.5Million champagne
And the many others…
Why can’t they put heads together and donate just $100,000 (#15Million) in just 24 hours?
Its obvious there’s beef in the industry.
If all these big artistes don’t save OJB JEZREEL with their money, God
punish anyone who goes to studio to produce “Tribute to OJB’.
Of course the celebs have a choice to do whatever they like with
their money. However, coming on twitter and making cheap “we pray and
support u” publicity is totally insulting! Is it we that we are hustling to make a living that would donate 16 million naira? We are talking of a life here! This OJB is someone i have never met in my life but when I heard that he produced the mega-hit, “African Queen”by Tuface, I was shocked! What would it take anyone of them to stand up and
take up the challenge and get people to donate for his surgery (even if you
have industry beefs)! Hundreds of thousands of entertainment
lovers will want to support with 500 or 1000 naira.
We keep complaining of government all the time (of course most
of the leaders are outright political robbers cos there should be medical plan in place like its done in other countries without u and I or even any celeb dropping a dime…that’s an issue
for another day)
What a life!”


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