how far is too far?

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These pictures remind me of a friend’s seminar presentation titled “the biochemistry of aging” and just how far we vain humans are willing to go in our unrelenting attempt to combat the all natural-must-happen-to-everyone phenomenon called aging. Thus, the crucial question up for takes in this era of about 34 majorly known and government approved surgical procedures like facelifts, tummy tucks, liposuction, boob and ass jobs (insertion of implants), rhinoplasty et ce tera and minor skin related alterations like skin toning (aka bleeching), botox and laser hair removal to name a few is “how far is too far”. Prior to answering this question, take time to reflect on (1.) the life of people like grammy, tony, oscar and emmy award winner Barbra Streisand (long nose barbra) who live their lives redefining “true beauty” as not just the absence of imperfections and flaws but contentment and self-love irrespective of the presence (or absence) of imperfections. (2.) the somewhat unnecessary and if I may say uncool transformations of greats like MJ (R.I.P), Joan Rivers (major host of E! entertainment’s fashion police) and a host of others………joan_rivers

michael-jackson-facelift-before-afterLil-Kim-before-and-after-photodakorebeforerighdakorenowcbruce-jenner-plastic-surgerybarbara-streisand-long nose


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